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A F A C E ®️

AFACE® is a global brand with a mission to bring fine arts into fashion both conceptually and physically. We do so by Hand-Painting the art on high-quality garments to build volumetric textures of paintings. We focus on three key elements: Design, Luxury, and Detail.


Our Art Collection will always be limited to 333 Pieces worldwide. They will not be restocked once they sell out. We produce an extremely

 limited number of items in order to adhere to our vision of exclusivity.


Through our appreciation for timeless design and quality, it is our mission to present you the best collections of the finest art. 


AFACE® brings You, who values art and detail, a chance to become a walking artwork yourself. 


A face is the most intricate and alluring detail in the human body.

Art of the face is timeless;


AFACE® is art.

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